Halal-Haram Ratio Calculator

Answer the questions below to find your Halal-Haram ratio. This quiz is completely anonymous. (Privacy Policy)

Read First:

- A data-driven model learns the relationship between the questions and the expected ratio you fill out.

- The ratio is NOT an indication of religious faith; it is derived from the self-reflective perception of other individuals as a group.

- Hence, the ratio is based on overall social perception and not the personal judgement of any single individual (including the developers).

- And therefore, no answers are "halal" or "haram" by default.

- A number doesn't define a person, especially one derived from other people's opinions. So don't actually take it too seriously!

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A. The Basics

  Have had my doubts but no longer
  Believe in it but might reconsider in future
  Agnostic/Have issues in accepting it fully
  Never doubted it and never will
  Catch some here and there but always try to do Jummah/Eid
  All daily ones every day with additional Nafl here and there
  Never in recent memory
  Almost all daily ones
  Jummah/Eid mostly
  Rarely but there for Iftari and Eidi
  All Ramadan with some extra ones sprinkled in through the year
  Ramadan for sure
  Try to get most of Ramadan done
  No Zakat or donations with religious intent
  Always pay Zakat along with donating extra money with religious intent
  Sometimes pay Zakat
  No Zakat but sometimes donate with religious intent
  Pay Zakat but other donations are not with religious intent
  Hoping to go at some point but don't have a plan
  Will never go
  Been there, planning to go again
  Not really sure about it
  Haven't been there yet but planning to go soon

B. Personal Lifestyle

  Have always eaten Halal and always will
  Don't really have a preference but avoid pork
  Prefer Halal food if easily available
  Eat everything independently of what is Halal
  Try my best to eat Halal
  Socially drink sometimes
  Have tried it but then decided not to continue
  Never tried it but I don't mind other people drinking
  No inhibitions
  Never tried it and should be completely banned
  Have tried it but then decided not to continue
  Never tried and should be completely banned
  Socially do them sometimes
  Never tried it but I don't mind other people doing it
  No inhibitions
  Consume it but consider it bad and limit it
  Have never consumed it
  Actively go out of my way to avoid it
  No inhibitions
  Only when have to for social situations
  Religious scholar interpretations and explanations
  First-source religious texts
  Intuition, conscience and personal reflection
  Secular philosophers
  Some religious notions and personal experiences

C. Social Lifestyle

  Having a good relationship with close family members should be preferred
  Close and extended family has priority over anyone else in the world
  Having a good relationship with close family members should be very important
  Having a good relationship with close family members should optional
  Close family is critical but extended family should be relatively distant
  Casual gatherings with whatever interactions people are comfortable with
  Should be gender-segregated
  Clubs and Bars
  Shouldn't be gender-segregated but everyone should observe religious modesty
  Traditional college house parties
  Will be in relationships but never marry
  Will meet prospective spouses with a relative present
  Arranged marriage without meeting the spouse
  Will be in a relationship before marriage
  Will go on one-on-one dates with prospective spouses
  Completely open
  Not at all - only after marriage
  Very basic PDA like holding hands
  Some displays of affection like hugging, cuddling etc.
  Potentially open, might experiment and explore a little
  Find it slightly difficult to interact with them due to the differences
  Feel no difference in establishing relationships inside and outside religion
  Entire social circle only includes people who identify as muslim
  Actively avoid people who identify as muslim
  Prefer not having too many muslim connections

D. Social Issues

  Absolutely never should be allowed
  Might choose it at some point and must have the right to do so
  Personally would never choose it but fine with other people having the right
  Actively advocate and fight for abortion rights around the world
  Only in certain justified circumstances such as when there is a strong mental/physical health risk
  Actively advocate and fight for LGBTQ rights around the world
  Acknowledge their existence but think certain LGBTQ lifestyles should not be allowed in society
  Tolerant of LGBTQ lifestyle but believe in only hetrosexual marriage
  Doubt they are really LGBTQ or think there are ways they can be cured
  Endorse progressive ideals of LGBTQ lifestyle and legislation
  No improvements are possible or needed to earlier Islamic thinking
  Islam is now fundamentally antiquated and can not be reconciled with modern values
  There need to be some fundamental changes made to comply with modern social thinking
  Complete rehaul of traditional Islamic thinking is necessary
  There are some updates needed to deal with modern phenomenon like technology
  One sect is the best and others are misguided to certain degrees
  Most sects are valid in their own ways
  Most sects are valid but I think some are more well-guided than others
  People should not indentify with a sect
  Do not identify with a sect but fine with other people doing so
  Some gender norms should be followed but others are problematic
  Gender dictates the role of an individual in society and those roles should be enforced
  Gender norms should be generally followed and respected
  There should be no such thing as gender norms
  Gender norms need to be fundamentally redefined

E. One Last Thing...

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